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My Cool Advertise Royalty free Music

My Cool Advertise Royalty free Music Its a smooth soft upbeat song with an electronic feel, with great dynamics and crescendos, pads, synthesizers, piano and arpeggiators. Its been created with the idea of been used for new product release as a background music with voiceover or media presentations. I Hope You Enjoy it!! :D You […]

W3 Total Cache Optimal Settings

W3 Total Cache Optimal Settings I recently have make my site to run under SSL (https)  after Google’s  announce on “HTTPS as a ranking signal“, but then I discovered the sad part; the speed and performance on my site became slower. After researching and reading reviews around on the web, one of the free, cheap […]

Logic Pro X new Skins

Something really cool I have found for all the logic pro X users, If you would like to adapt the look of the interface to something that is more appalling to your personal taste, The avant-garde Logic Pro X GUI modding clan has created for the latest versions of Logic Pro X new skins compatible […]

Advertise Me Royalty Free Music Now Available!

Advertise Me Royalty Free Music Is a song made purposefully thinking on what is a mainstream type of music used in product releases and Advertisement nowadays. Its an Upbeat, energetic song full of life and dynamic with great Crescendos. Great for Advertisement, games, trailer, slideshows presentations, etc. includes drums, synths, bass, tambourine, claps, Electric guitar, […]