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How to Block spam referral traffic to your site

Hi there, if got to this post is probably because you have realise that lately you have started to get “visits” or back-links from strange domains like: humanorightswatch.org, o-o-6-o-o.com this back-links are useless and will only damage your rank.

How to

W3 Total Cache Optimal Settings

I recently have make my site to run under SSL (https)  after Google’s  announce on “HTTPS as a ranking signal“, but then I discovered the sad part; the speed and performance on my site became slower. After researching and reading reviews around on …

Seo webmaster vector Icon Set

One of the things that Web Developers/ Graphic Designers are looking for is two things:
1-Time Saving

And this SEO Webmaster Vector Icon Set by Design Mirkku is a great resource for Web and App developers looking to save time, and add a great unique cool looking to the …