Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Hi there! as many of you Logic Pro X users, you always look for ways to improve your work flow, and sometimes is easy to get used to work in a certain way, that really probably is not the best, or is not agile.

At the moment I’m doing a course to improve my knowledge of Music Production, and really its challenging me to adjust myself to the new tools and and implementing them into my workflow. One of the best ways to do that is the «keyboard shortcuts» with just one click you can open or close a command, change tool, zoom in or out, really helpful.

I was looking around in the Logic Pro help / Menu but I couldn’t find a list of all available keyboard shortcuts, but searching in google I have found a very useful PDF created by Brian from oneword.com document that contains all of them, or most of them:

Download Logic Pro X Keyboard Shortcuts

Source: oneword.com


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