Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook

If you haven’t seen this viral video yet, get ready to laugh hard. Many of you know Apple recently had an event presenting some of their latests products and updates. During that event they presented what they called «the future of Apple’s laptops».  They introduced the «New Macbook» great design (as always) but then the «specs» greater battery life, slimmer…and the revolutionary USB C  the «only port» available.
I guess many were confused at first, It can’t be true, what If i need to plug an external monitor, hard drive or camera and the laptop is low on battery? what then?  To me Apple has lost some of his aura and direction, and makes me wonder if Steve Jobs was alive would approve anything like that. Jonny Ive is great designer, but Design cannot rule over its Purpose. 1300 dollars for a really nice looking piece of metal to send emails…maybe its to much.


Apple Engineer Talks about the New 2015 Macbook by Armando Ferreira

If you wonder what the original video is talking about, check this other video with original subtitles by SaruWaza:

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